Voting for Recycled Latex Paint School Art Contest

Recycled Latex Paint School Art Contest

marks America Recycles Day

Nine schools in Porter County competed in the first-ever Recycled Latex Paint School Art Contest.

Hebron High School won 30% of the online votes;

The bench made out of 1,550 milk jugs seems to be pretty sturdy, as tested out by members of the Hebron High School Art Club, the 2013 contest winners. Congratulations!

Westchester Intermediate School won 27.6%; and

St. Patrick Catholic School won 20.4%.

Hebron High School will receive a bench made out of 1,550 recycled milk jugs for use indoors or outdoors. Congratulations to all the competitors for originality and great messaging! To see these class projects up close, come to the Porter County Government Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, where they will be on display through Dec. 13, 2013.

These schools used recycled latex paint from the City of Hobart Paint Recycling Facility to decorate their panels with a recycling or environmental theme. City of Hobart Paint Recycling Facility was recently recognized for excellence by the Solid Waste Association of North America!

The paint available in Hobart is normally a warm gray or putty in color. The paint was tinted by local paint stores and also using tint supplied by the Recycling & Waste Reduction District to get these colors. Schools could also tint the paint themselves.


#1 Save the Earth (larger image)

by St. Patrick Catholic School 7th Grade Class

Teacher Lisa Hughes

#2 Recycle (larger image)

by Victory Christian Academy 4th Period High School

Art Teacher Deanna Abner

#3 Use It Up or Do Without (RETHINK) (larger image)

by Discovery Charter School Art Club

Teacher Annette Hansen

#4 Save the Earth (larger image)

by Nativity of Our Savior School

8th Grade Class

Teachers Blanca Maya & Pat Clements


#5 Make Every Day America Recycles Day (larger image)

by Westchester Intermediate School

6th Grade Student Council

Teachers Dalila Reeder & Megan Sexton

#6 It's Sweet to Recycle (larger image)

by Washington Township High School

Environmental Club

Teachers Laurie Schrock & Grace Lacy


#7 Water Bottle Consumption
- Recycling Statistics (larger image)

by Hebron High School Art Club

Teacher Karen Jania

#8 Recycled Ideas (larger image)

by Chesterton Middle School Art Club

Teachers Jason Gast & Brooke Sutter

#9 Save the World from "Paintstruction" (larger image)

by Portage High School Art Club

Teachers Paula Wiese & Wanda Rice

Recycled paint for everyone!!!

Anyone can purchase the recycled paint for $3 per gallon at 340 S. Shelby St., Mondays through Fridays, between 7 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. Not-for-profit organizations, like schools, can obtain the recycled product for FREE! It’s a great product, a great resource and helps us close the recycling loop. Find out more! For more information on purchasing recycled latex paint, call 219-942-6121.

Residents are encouraged to not only use recycled latex paint but also contribute useable latex paint to the program.  Any paint, whether oil based or latex, should NEVER be poured into storm sewers.  Storm sewers do not connect to waste water treatment plants but move water directly to local streams and water bodies.  Remember "Only Rain Down the Drain."  Useable latex paint is accepted through the Hobart Recycled Latex Paint program and oil based paints and related products should be brought to a District household hazardous waste collection event.


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